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Healthy Meal Prep in McAllen, TX

Healthy Bites RGV is a service by Colibri Cuisine bringing you premium meal preparation services! We are happy to provide you with new dishes every week and also the ability to customize your own meal based on your preferences.

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Catering by Colibri Cuisine

We are a full-service catering company. If you need someone to handle the food prep and service for your event, please check out our catering menu online for the options we offer. Don't see what you want? Call us and let's see what we can do for you!

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Meal Preparation In Mcallen



Hey ya'll! Welcome to Healthy Bites RGV, premium meal preparation service in McAllen, TX by catering company Colibri Cuisine!
We know it can be hard to eat healthy, especially when you are on the go or simply don't have any time to prepare. WE GOT YOU COVERED! We offer custom meal preparation and new weekly dishes to choose from...simply order and pick up! (We offer delivery too).

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Healthy Meal Prep

Order Online Today!

We are happy to provide you with a convenient Online Ordering system for our food preparation services.  Be sure to sign up for our Weekly Menu email to stay up to date with the latest dishes!

Stick to Plan

Are you on a mission to eat better and get healthier?  Chances of success are increased when you have a plan in place!  Our meal prep services will help you stay on track.  Choose from our weekly menu or customize your own meals.

Save Time

Too busy to cook or prepare your meals?  Or maybe you are on the run all the time and just don’t have the energy (or want) to make meal.  We offer delivery to your workplace or home.  Simply order and we will have your meals ready the next day!

Save Money

Our meal preps can help save you money in the long run!  How many times have you thrown away wasted groceries because they expired after you forgot about them in the fridge?  Our affordable meals help you get healthier physically, and financially.

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Colibri Cuisine

Colibri Cuisine

This menu will change weekly just like our Regular and Paleo menu.
1.) Chicken Spinach Wrap.
2.) Tuna Pasta.
3.) Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad.
4.) Salmon Macaroni Casserole.
5.) Turkey & Cheese Club Pita Pocket.
6.) Chicken Quinoa Salad.

For our kids that can't get to a microwave at school, but still need to fuel their bodies with energy for learning and extracurricular activities. #NoChildHungry #Nochildleftbehind
Order online at http://www.healthybitesrgv.com

Colibri Cuisine

Colibri Cuisine

Next Week's Menu Aug.21-26th:

1.) Chicken Alfredo Spaghetti & Broccoli.
Calories: 392 Protein: 57g Fat: 11g Carbs: 26g

2.) Turkey Meatballs over Fideo, Carrots & Peppers.
Calories: 390 Protein: 38g Fat: 13g Carbs: 32g

3.) Chipotle Beef&Zucchini Enchiladas w/Southwest Quinoa Pilaf.
Calories: 529 Protein: 37g Fat: 16g Carbs: 51g

4.) Grilled Chicken Garden Cobb Salad.
Calories: 442 Protein: 48g Fat: 24g Carbs: 8g

5.) Cilantro-Lime Tilapia w/White Rice & Green Beans.
Calories: 378 Protein: 42g Fat: 4g Carbs: 41g

6.) Bacon Egg & Cheese Pita Pocket.
Calories: 433 Protein: 29g Fat:19g Carbs: 36g

7.) Overnight Oats w/ Honey-Chai & Berries.
Calories: 273 Protien: 7g Fat: 9g Carbs: 29g


Colibri Cuisine

Colibri Cuisine

Alright Teachers. In-service for many of you is next week. For others, it is right around the corner. Our youth are so lucky to have you, and you are so lucky to have our Healthy Bites Menu. Our convenient meals keeping you Lean, Energized throughout the day, and Focused! Visit our Website to order online or text (956-432-7148) us directly to preorder your meals:

Next Week's Menu:
1.) Chicken Francese with Rice
Pilaf & Broccoli.
2.) Turkey Tetrazzini Pasta w/
Asparagus Medley.
3.) Roasted Beef Tips topped w/
Marsala Gravy,Sweet Potato
& Mushrooms.
4.) Chicken Caprese over
Calabaza & Poblano Corn.
5.) Honey Glazed Pecan Salmon
Thank you Chef Anthony

Colibri Cuisine

Colibri Cuisine

Our goal is to give our customers what they want, when they want it. Order your meal prep any day we are here to serve you. (956) 432-7148 #chefanthony #colibricuisine #healthybites #mealprep

Colibri Cuisine

Colibri Cuisine added 11 new photos.

Another hot week in the books for the Valley, and another sizzling menu here this week for All Colibri Fans.
Summer Menu:
July 31-Aug5th:
1.) Chipotle Chicken with Brown
Rice, Squash&Eggplant.
2.) Grape&Walnut Tuna
Macaroni Casserole.
3.) Turkey Zucchini Ravioli.
4.) Cucumber Feta Salad with
Chicken Breast.
5.) Blackened Flounder Veggie
Tai Bowl.
6.) Bacon&Egg Spinach Quiche.
Thank you,
Colibri Team!

Colibri Cuisine

Colibri Cuisine added 17 new photos.

Week of July 24-29:
1.) Cilantro-Lime Chicken, with
Wild Rice & Broccoli.
2.) Southwest Turkey Chili Bowl.
3.) Grilled ChickenCaesar Salad.
4.) Turkey Meatloaf, with
Mashed Potatoes & Snap Peas.
5.) Salmon Poblano Alfredo over
Spinach Noodles& Green Beans.
6.) Egg & Turkey Cheese Bagel
with Fruit.

Susie Salinas

Susie SalinasColibri Cuisine

Well, I'm almost there.....2 lbs to go to reach my personal goals, 3 lbs to reach my ideal body weight for my height and age.
I'm super excited, because I'm healthy and feel so much better.
No, Im not wanting to look like a barbie, I just want to be healthy. I have too much to live for and I will NOT miss out on my grandkids milestones and accomplishments.
Thank you God for giving me the drive, opportunity, and determination to "be healthy"!
Thank you #colibricuisine for helping me get there.😊😉
My reasons, my drive are my family.

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  1. Krystal says:

    Tried my first meal today, Chicken Francese with rice pilaf and broccoli. It was very filling and delicious. Can’t wait for lunch tomorrow!


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