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Hey ya'll! Welcome to Healthy Bites RGV, premium healthy meal prep service in McAllen, TX by catering company Colibri Cuisine!
We know it can be hard to eat healthy, especially when you are on the go or simply don't have any time to prepare. WE GOT YOU COVERED! We offer custom meal preparation and new weekly dishes to choose from...simply order and pick up! (We offer delivery too).

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We are happy to provide you with a convenient Online Ordering system for our food preparation services.  Be sure to sign up for our Weekly Menu email to stay up to date with the latest dishes!

Looking for a certain meal prep?  Use terms like “chicken” or “turkey” to search our website for different meals!

Stick to Plan

Are you on a mission to eat better and get healthier?  Chances of success are increased when you have a plan in place!  Our meal prep services will help you stay on track.  Choose from our weekly menu or customize your own meals.

Save Time

Too busy to cook or prepare your meals?  Or maybe you are on the run all the time and just don’t have the energy (or want) to make meal.  We offer delivery to your workplace or home.  Simply order and we will have your meals ready the next day!

Save Money

Our meal preps can help save you money in the long run!  How many times have you thrown away wasted groceries because they expired after you forgot about them in the fridge?  Our affordable meals help you get healthier physically, and financially.

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